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Thermal Papers

juju_logo.pngJapan Pulp & Paper has been the partner of Nippon Paper Industries Co. Ltd, formerly JUJO, Japan, from the beginning stage of the direct thermal technology in the early seventies.

Since then, direct thermal printing has become more and more important, and today is used in many different applications, aiming at a substantial future growth rate.

Following the market demand, it was decided to install a second plant in Europe and JUJO Thermal Ltd. In Finland was founded in 1992 having an annual production capacity of approx.70,000 tons.

Over the years, Japan Pulp & Paper has established the reputation of being a high quality supplier, co-ordinating the business between Jujo Thermal Ltd. and the worldwide customers. Clients such as self-adhesive label manufacturers, paper converters, wholesalers and ticket printers appreciate our experience and service.

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