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Electrolytic Capacitor Paper/Separator
Japan Pulp & Paper Group is a sales agent of Noppon Kodoshi Kogyo in Japan, who are known as No.1 Electrolytic Capacitor Paper(=ECP) producer in the world.
ECP is used as an one of the core essential material for Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor, and, Nippon Kodoshi, was a pioneer  of ECP based on their Japanese traditional paper – washi - paper making technology.
Now, based on their continuous technology development, they currently have more than 100 grades of ECP, which enable them to reply to all kinds of customers’ quality requirement.

Thickness :    15 – 110micron
Density :    0,30 – 0,95g/cm3
Structure :    Simplex, Duplex, Triplex
Material :    Kraft, Manila, other non-wood fibers

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