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Electric BOPP(Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene Film)
Japan Pulp & Paper Group is a sales agent of Oji Specialty Paper in Japan, who are known as a leading specialty paper and high quality electric BOPP( = EPP) manufacturer  in the world.

Our EPP used as an one of the core essential material for Film Capacitor, and, also used as processing films for advanced technology industries.

Oji Specialty Paper is producing variety type of surface treated EPP with wide range of thickness, from 2,5micron to 50micron.

Thickness :    2,5 – 50micron
Surface :    Smooth, semi-smooth, matt and so on

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Electrolytic Capacitor Paper/Separator
Japan Pulp & Paper Group is a sales agent of Noppon Kodoshi Kogyo in Japan, who are known as No.1 Electrolytic Capacitor Paper(=ECP) producer in the world.
ECP is used as an one of the core essential material for Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor, and, Nippon Kodoshi, was a pioneer  of ECP based on their Japanese traditional paper – washi - paper making technology.
Now, based on their continuous technology development, they currently have more than 100 grades of ECP, which enable them to reply to all kinds of customers’ quality requirement.

Thickness :    15 – 110micron
Density :    0,30 – 0,95g/cm3
Structure :    Simplex, Duplex, Triplex
Material :    Kraft, Manila, other non-wood fibers

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Flexible Packaging Films
We offer variety of filmic packaging materials, not only standard flexible packaging materials but also various functional films, such as for example, transparent film with high moisture & oxygen barrier property, One or Bi-directional easy tear films, Food packaging films, others, ... which give you excellent special properties and value for your product packaging.

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Carrier Tape
Paper Carrier tapes
Paper carrier tapes are packaging materials for passive components and other parts used in electronic industry.

Available are tapes with thickness of 0.28mm / 0.43mm / 0.60mm / 0.75mm and 0.95mm.

All thicknesses can be supplied either unpuched or prepunched, record or traverse wound and if requested for prepunched tapes already sealed with bottom tape.

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Bottom Tape
This tape is suitable as bottom tape for paper carrier tapes It is available in different lengths either as record wound with a length of 1000m or as traverse wound with 8000m and 24000m

Componentpackaging, Bottom Tape

Top Tape for paper carrier tapes
This covertape is specially designed for the sealing on paper carrier tapes. It is antistatic treated and available either as record wound with a length of 1000m or as traverse wound with a length of 8000m

Componentpackaging, Covertape

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Carrier Tape
This carrier tape is used in the electric component production. The different materials are applied on this tape and it is used for secure fixing and transportation between the various steps of production.

Componentproduction, Transport

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These chemical are used in the production process of several electric components.

This includes
  • Additives for Binder
  • Additives for Conductive Paste for Electrode
  • Organic Solvents
  • Cellulose derivatives
Electronic components, Production

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